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Specific operation steps of solid waste treatment equipment in garbage···
DATE:2020-03-19   VISITS:291

    After entering the field, the municipal solid waste will be unloaded on the unloading platform, and then sent from the hopper to the weighing pan feeder. The uniforming machine and the scale feeder rotate in cooperation with each other to achieve uniform distribution and ensure the normal and efficient operation of subsequent equipment.

    After the solid waste is evenly distributed, it is sent to the manual sorting platform through a belt conveyor, where workers can sort and select large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, tree trunks, branches, long sticks, bricks, stones, bottles, etc.) and dangerous waste. The bag breaker can decompose the garbage packed in plastic bags for further classification.

    After manual sorting, the garbage is sent to the screening machine by belt conveyor for screening treatment. According to technical requirements, the diameter of the sieve plate of the rotary screening machine is set to 50mm. The machine can divide the garbage into two parts: greater than 50mm and less than 50mm. Garbage smaller than 50mm is mainly organic matter. Iron in this organic matter can be selected by a suspended magnetic separator and then sent directly to the composting workshop for processing.

    Iron materials larger than 50mm (mainly iron beverage cans and iron cans) can be separated by magnetic separation, and then other garbage larger than 50mm is sent to the solid waste treatment equipment through the belt for processing.

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