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Sludge drying system
Medium temperature sludge belt dryer
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The system is composed of pretreatment granulation system, heat exchange system, drying system, heat recovery system, exhaust gas treatment system and an automatic control system. Using steam, hot waste water, and boiler flue gas as the heating source of hot air, the hot air is heated to a certain temperature and enters the belt dryer to dry the shaped (striped) sludge through convective heat exchange. Exhaust gas recovers most of the heat energy through thermal energy, and the recovered heat energy is used as the preheating heat source for the intake air

Performance characteristics

1)High efficiency and energy efficient, can circulate waste heat for internal needs;

2)Continuous mass production, simple operation and low operating cost;

3)It can safely and reliably operate autonomously;

4) The thickness of the material layer, the conveying speed and the operating temperature are all adjustable. The machine has a wide range of applications;

5)Low operating cost and high thermal efficiency, especially suitable for drying sludge with a final moisture content of <20%;

6)The numbers and structure of the drying modules can be adjusted according to different treatment volumes and sludge moisture;

7)suitable for waste gas recycling or drying treatment of corrosive chemical sludge


Prcocess Principle

The main unit of the belt sludge drying system is composed of a multi-stage structure. The dewatered sludge is sent to the extruder through the feeding system and spread evenly on the drying belt The drying belt sends the sludge into the main structure of the device. in the drying chamber, the heated gas raises the temperature in the drying chamber to the set value. Hot air then enters the drying device from the upper or lower part of the device and flows through the entire drying belt. When the air flows through the sludge laid on the drying belt, the moisture in the sludge is removed and the sludge is dried

Exhaust gas can be funneled to recover heat energy or condense and cool down, the exhaust gas is processed to absorb and oxidize most organic matter. Some basic molecules (such as amine) are also removed at this stage. The system is composed of the following parts: combined waste gas washing unit (acid washing/alkali washing/oxidation washing, automatic preparation and batching unit (acid/H2SO4)



inlet material water content %


outlet material water content %


material output temperature 


circulation temperature 


exhasuting air temperature 


evaporation capacity kg/h


installation power kw/h


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