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Wastewater evaporation
Multi-effect Evaporation Concentrator
DATE:2020-08-06   VISITS:1505


The multi-effect evaporator uses fresh steam to push heat into the first effect, and the generated secondary steam enters the second effect to be heated again. This principle is reused to further utilize heat energy. The liquid input is heated to evaporate and concentrate in multiple stages in the tube side, thereby reducing operating costs



Automatic control, simple operation, low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection;

Compared with single-effect external circulation evaporator, multi-effect evaporator is more energy-efficient;

It can be designed to use a combination of external heating, natural circulation and negative pressure evaporation, which has fast evaporation speed and a large concentration ratio;

Multi-effect simultaneous evaporation is utilized, and the secondary steam is repeatedly used, which not only saves the need of the boiler, but also saves energy consumption (compared with the single-effect concentrator, the energy consumption is reduced by 70%);

Multi-function operation, and can repeatedly combine the pot to collect paste. Can feed in intermittently and continuously;

 Jinling innovatively develops and designs a variety of concentrated mother liquor external circulation processing systems for processing to avoid system blockage and cause production shutdown or regular dosing and flushing, thereby ensuring a more stable system





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