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Oil sludge
Oil sludge pyrolysis treatment system
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Indirect pyrolysis is the use of the thermal instability of organic matter present in waste to heat it under anaerobic conditions to cause thermal desorption and pyrolysis. The organic matter decomposes according to its hydrocarbon ratio to form a highly valuable gas phase (pyrolysis gas), and solid phase (solid residue), high-temperature pyrolysis gas is filtered or condensed (condensate is recycled or reprocessed) non-condensable gas-solid contains a large amount of propane, butane, methane, carbon monoxide, etc. Combustible components can be directly reused as supplementary fuel for heating, and solid residues can be used as roadbed materials or landfill treatment. The pyrolysis gasifier is a new technology independently designed and developed by our company. A variety of horizontal and vertical pyrolysis devices can be designed according to the type of waste and the requirements of processing volume, to reduce, stabilize, and transport the waste into environmentally friendly and sustainable resources effectively.



The sludge pyrolysis is a process of heating and decomposing solid waste under anaerobic conditions by using high-temperature gasification and using external indirect heating. To utilize this principle low-temperature, medium-temperature, and high-temperature pyrolysis technology can be used, and the operational temperature is generally between 300~800℃ to break the macromolecular bonds and isomerize and polymerize small molecules. This process causes chemical decomposition of waste into gaseous, liquid or solid combustible substances. The sludge pyrolysis system includes a feeding unit, a pyrolysis unit, a pyrolysis gas condensation and separation unit, a water treatment unit, a discharge unit, and a control unit.


Technical features

Low organic content in post treatment residue.

Organic components can be recycled and reused.

Modular design, small footprint, for quick and convenient transportation.

The heating temperature can be adjusted, automatic, continuous operation, convenient operation and management.

Closed feeding and discharging, operation under slight vacuum, no harmful gas leakage.

The inlet and outlet are equipped with safety air lockers and nitrogen protection.

The non-condensable gas is reused to support combustion improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing system operation costs.

The internal conveyor is screw-driven and equipped with a dispersing mechanism, which is block resistant and ensures that the incoming material is heated evenly, improving the thermal desorption and separation effect.

User-friendly UI, programmable controls, safety interlocks. Real-time monitoring and alarm, automatic data collection, wireless remote transmission.

No chemical agents are added during this treatment



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