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Sludge drying system
Sludge paddle dryer
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 Jinling is a professional manufacturer of paddle dryers The wedge structure paddle dryer is one of the first traditional dryers in China It is a low speed mixing dryer that uses heat conduction The drying barrel is equipped with a jacket A hollow shaft is equipped with a hollow paddle, where a heat transfer medium can flow through The wet material can exchange heat with the barrel and the hot surface of the paddle through the agitation of the mixing paddle, so that the wet material can be dried The structure can be horizontal, double shaft or quadruple shaft

  The company has made a series of improvements in terms of transmission, thermal expansion,blade structure, welding method, sealing, etc, for better performance and longer service life


Paddle dryer Process





(1)The heat required for drying is  provided by the wall of the hollow paddle installed on the hollow shaft, while the heat conduction through the surface of the jacket is very limited Therefore, the heat exchange area per unit volume of the equipment is large and the floor space required is small

(2)The machine uses heat conduction as the processing method The entire heat exchange surface is covered by the material to reduce heat loss The heat utilization rate is above 85%

(3)The paddle has a structure consisting of inclined concentric reducers This structure has a certain amount of extrusion and dispersion ability, and it can improve the heat conduction performance of the paddle The dispersing force due to the combined movement of filter cakes or powder particles driven by the inclined surface of the rotating paddle makes it easier for the materials attached to the heating surface to fall off Since the double shaft paddle rotate oppositely and expand alternately by sections, the dryer also mixes and cuts, thus improving the drying efficiency

(4)The sludge paddle dryer allows for continuous and a completely sealed environment for operation, which can reduce the amount of labor required and dust emissions

(5)The exhaust gas treatment system generally uses negative pressure, with a cyclone separator, cloth bag or water film dust scrubber, to reduce the volume of exhaust gas and reduce dust emission as well

(6)The paddle is connected with concentric reducers It has an upper layer and a lower layer The paddle angle is so small that there is not enough pushing force Welding of the paddle may cause issues such as corrosion and leakage The machine is designed to be inclined and has uneven stress, high resistance and high maintenance rate Therefore, the size of the machine should not be large The area of a single double-shaft paddle dryer is generally designed to be less than 150m²



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