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Wastewater evaporation
Forced Circulation Evaporator
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Forced circulation evaporator consists of two parts: heating chamber and crystallizer Through the  forced circulation pump, after entering the separator, the pressure of the liquid drops rapidly, causing part of the liquid to flash, and the secondary vapor produced by evaporation enters the next-effect evaporator for heating or enters the condenser for condensation。

The system is  composed of heater system, evaporative separator system, condenser system, forced circulation system, conveying system, vacuum exhaust system, electrical control system, etc。


suitable for the evaporation and concentration of structure, crystallinity, high concentration, high viscosity and containing insoluble solids in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, waste liquid evaporation and recovery industries



The material is forced to circulate through heating, and the flow speed in the tube is fast, the heating is uniform, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the dry wall phenomenon can be prevented

Aiming at the evaporation of materials that are easy to scale during the evaporation process, the concentration ratio and viscosity of the materials are larger. it can be used in combination with multi-stage evaporators

The liquid material is rapidly heated by the heater via the forced circulation pump, and the top comes out sideways directly into the evaporative separator, and the vapor-liquid separation effect is strong

Using negative pressure low temperature evaporation, its suitable for the evaporation and concentration of heat sensitive materials

The machine is equipped with an automatic operating system to enable continuous operation

The equipment has a compact structure, needs only small floor space, and has convenient and stable operation

Typical process flow of multi-effect forced circulation evaporation crystallization device


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Single effect

Double effect

Triple effect

Four effect


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