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Sludge drying system
Sludge Rotary Kiln Dryer
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It is  used for the treatment of highly corrosive sludge and low water requirements. The waste heat or high temperature waste flue gas can be used as the carrier. It is also used in the treatment of massive sludge with complex components, many impurities and large hard spots


Rotary drum drying process

Waste hot air or heat exchange air enters the drum dryer, and directly transfers heat and mass with the wet sludge in the channel. It is equipped with a special crushing device (special structure design) to quickly evaporate the water in the sludge by decreasing the size of the particles. The gas is discharged from the dryer through the outer channel and collected, while the larger sludge particles stay in the until the drying step is completed. Part of the exhaust gas is extracted and discharged into the atmosphere after being treated by a deodorizer to reach the atmospheric emission standard (or after being dust-removed and cooled by water foam)   


Key technological innovation

(1)According to the individual requirement of the sludge drying process, differentdispersing and crushing devices are used in sections to greatlyimprove the drying efficiency


(2) Special sealing materials are used to ensure the sealing effect and greatly increase the service life

(3)The bearing uses a cooling device to reduce the bearing temperature and prolong its service life 

(4)Indirect heating methods can be used to reduce exhaust air volume and increase heat utiliza

(5)According to different materials and different states, different copy board forms are used to reduce the degree of adhesion.

(6)Different feeding methods are adopted according to the characteristics of the materials to prevent feeding blockage


Drying condition

inlet material water conten % 


outlet material water conten 


material outlet temperatur ℃


inlet air temperature(with hot air furnace 


outlet air temperatur 

Material data

feeding capacit t/d


water evaporation t/d


discharging capacity t/d


installation power kw/h


main machine overall size mm


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