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Sludge drying system
Sludge Biomass Processing Treatment System
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In view of the limitations of the existing water plant site selection, the transportation to landfill sites is generally very long, especially in mountainous areas. Due to the poor carrying capacity of sludge landfills and secondary pollution, many landfills are unwilling to recycle the landfill or increase disposal costs. At the same time, materials such as biomass straws are burned or discarded at will, which seriously affects the environment and wastes resources. In response to this series of problems, combined with China’s urban and rural structure, the various sludge biomass co-processing technologies and machines developed by our company have reached the domestic first-class level in terms of practicability, stability, reliability, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. We have been able to solve the problem of harmful sludge and straw burning. It can be designed to adopt independent or stable co-processing with domestic garbage gasification cycle



 This technology is designed to treat sludge, the heat is produced by fermented sludge, and the combustion-supporting agent regulates fixed carbon and improves combustion. Using wood chips or plant stalks as combustion aids can save the cost of pellet fuel. This technology effectively co-disposes sludge and straw through the incineration of pellet fuel. It both utilizes the heat of municipal sewage sludge, and combines the treatment of different solid wastes (wood chips, plant straw, etc) to treat waste. 

Heat recycling, reducing exhaust gas emissions, and dust recycled bricks, can be used in conjunction to move us towards our goals of absolute resource utilization, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. We believe that these technologies can help us reach our ultimate goal of "0" emissions. The process is particularly suitable for urban municipal sewage plants, rural areas, and mountainous areas. The project has small investment, fast construction, stable operation, and self-sufficiency. It is currently a promotion project that is more suitable for national conditions


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