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Oil sludge
​Oil sludge separation treatment system
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Oil sludge conditioning and separation system

Because the surface of oily sludge particles adsorb the same kind of electric charge and repel each other, and they are fully emulsified, it is extremely difficult to destabilize and separate oil, water, and sludge from each other It is necessary to add conditioning agents to separate the crude oil from solid particles. concentrating the oil droplets, and allowing the added chemical agents with the solid waste to  settle and further separate  into oil, water, and solid residue. For different oily sludge, it is necessary to determine the optimized flocculant, demulsifier type, and centrifuge operating parameters This type of treatment method has a wide range of applications for the de-oiling and dehydration of crude oil in oilfields, tank bottom sludge, or colloidal sludge (water content>99%) produced during the treatment of oily sewage in oilfields This process is simple to operate and has a high recycling rate of waste oil, where the oil removal rate can reach over 80%


Technical advantange

1) The operating parameters of the process equipment are fully adjustable, and the system is highly adaptable.

2) The separation recycling rate can reach 90% efficiency 

3)  The moisture content of the separated and discharged solid residue can be reduced below 60%.

4) The separated water is reused or injected into the oilfield after simple treatment


Some parameters of sludge pretreatment (reference)


Raw sludge


solid-phase composition after treatment

Water-phase components after treatmen

Oil-phase components after treatment

Sluge Parameters

Oil content::~20%

Moisture content::~35%

Solid content:~45%

Oil content::<5%

Moisture content:~45%

Solid content:~50%

Oil content::~0.3%

Moisture content:~99.2%

Solid content:~0.5%

Oil content::~95.2%

Moisture content:~4.4%

Solid content:~0.4%


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