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Welcome to Jiangsu Jinling Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a professional service provider of integrated waste treatment equipment and operation!Jiangsu Jinling Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a member of China Environmental Protection Federation. Through years of integrated innovation, development and application, and in-depth cooperation with many scientific research institutes and enterprises such as Changzhou University, Chinese Aca..
Jiangsu Jinling Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Paddle dryer

    Paddle dryer

  • Disc dryer

    Disc dryer

  • Medium temperature belt dryer

    Medium temperature bel···

  • Vacuum disc dryer for oily sludge

    Vacuum disc dryer for ···

  • Pyrolysis(Thermal desorption)equipment

    Pyrolysis(Thermal deso···

  • Multi-effect evaporation crystallizer

    Multi-effect evaporati···

  • MVR evaporative crystallizer

    MVR evaporative crysta···

  • Film scraper evaporator

    Film scraper evaporato···

  • High concentration mother liquor dryer

    High concentration mot···

  • Waste salt drying complete treatment device

    Waste salt drying comp···

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