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Sludge drying system
Vacuum round plate paddle dryer
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◆Jinling company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum disc sludge dryer; Obtained the utility model patent certificate - vacuum disc paddle stirring dryer (Patent No.: ZL 2013 2 0370333.4)

◆Our company specializes in the development and design of a low-temperature airtight, continuous drying process equipment for highly toxic, flammable and explosive sludge containing solvents. This not only adopts closed operation and condensation recovery, which greatly improves safety; but also greatly reduces exhaust gas emissions while improving drying efficiency, thereby truly achieving the goals of safety, energy saving, and environmental protection.

◆Mainly used in chemical raw materials, pesticides, chemical sludge, etc. Especially for the drying treatment of oily sludge and coal chemical sludge, it is currently the preferred equipment to replace imports, and it is also one of the most safe and stable systems in the sludge drying process.

◆The oily sludge disc dryer, which was innovatively designed and produced by the company in 2013, was successfully applied.

Advanced features

◆The company has independently designed a variety of vacuum disc drying process structure forms, and has been put into production and application in large quantities, and the stability, efficiency, strength, continuity, etc. have been greatly improved;

◆The equipment has a compact structure and a small area of equipment. The area of a single unit can be designed to produce large double-shaft or single-shaft disc dryers with an area of ≤500m2;

◆The heat utilization rate is high. The conduction heating method is adopted, and all heat transfer surfaces are covered by the material, reducing heat loss, and the heat utilization rate can reach more than 85%;

◆With self-cleaning ability, it can improve the heat transfer of the disc. The dispersive force generated by the combined movement of the inclined surface of the rotating disk and the particle or powder layer makes the sludge attached to the heating disk easy to fall off, and due to the reverse rotation of the biaxial blade, the alternate segment compression and expansion Stirring and shearing function, uniform heat transfer, improved heat transfer efficiency;

◆It can realize continuous, automated, and fully enclosed operations to reduce exhaust gas and dust emissions;

◆Less exhaust gas emissions, thereby reducing the cost of exhaust gas treatment, a variety of exhaust gas treatment devices can be selected to meet the emission standards;

◆The disc is a monolithic molded structure, with few welds, smooth surface, low adhesion, low resistance and low installed power;

◆Adopt high negative pressure or vacuum design to reduce boiling point and achieve the purpose of airtight low-temperature drying operation;

◆Overall reinforced design, strength and service life are more guaranteed;

◆The unique processing and assembly technology of Jinling Company ensures the concentricity of the equipment and the sealing performance at both ends is better;

◆According to different conditions, half-pipe jacket heating and integral jacket heating can be designed;

◆Different discharging forms can be designed according to material requirements, so as to ensure the drying residence time of materials and further improve the overall efficiency.


ConfigurationSingle axis or dual axis
Model15 20 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 300 
Heat transfer area m²51520406080100120150200300
monitor rate KW41518.5223745557590110132
RemarksUse different materials and configurations according to different characteristics and requirements

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