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Sludge drying system
Sawdust and Less Drying Treatment System
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 Our company specializes in a variety of new drying equipment designed for slag fiber materials. We guarantee subsequent pyrolysis and gasification stable treatment

 Existing slag dryers generally use fluidized bed, drum, and combined dryers. During the production process, the slag type moisture is unstable when it enters the dryer, causing the dried slag after hot air drying to also contain an unstable amount of moisture. In terms of equipment flow, conical screw presses are  used to squeeze wet materials to reduce the initial water content in the slag, and then used in series with horizontal boiling dryers for hot air drying The conical screw press has a filter pressure problem for certain grains with smaller grains However, due to structural reasons, the horizontal boiling dryer causes the slag to deposit in the equipment and cause carbonization and fire

 This drying unit adopts a combination of a variety of special dryers for different materials, which fully overcomes the shortcomings of the previous structure, changes the traditional drying mode, saves manpower input, reduces the total energy consumption of production, and improves the slag category The dryer's controllability, practicality, economy and environmental protection requirements The company has 400t/day processing beer lees stable application case, and processing capacity 10t/day sawdust application case



 This production line has been widely used in food waste, distiller's grains, medicine residue, bean dregs, fermentation residues, wood chips, biomass, slag residue and other fields

Our company can provide different production processes according to user requirements, and select equipment of different specifications to meet user needs, and plan plant layout and provide reference opinions, and strive to provide advanced production technology, excellent equipment, and perfect service To the user


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