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Sludge drying system
Round plate sludge paddle dryer
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Second-generation self-improved and upgraded products, international advanced technology, second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award


This product is the second-generation disc sludge paddle dryer developed and designed by the company, and has different versions, such as discs, semi-discs, and spiral structures

Using the embedded mixing structure of two heating discs arranged on hollow shafts, the wet sludge is forced to shear, break and disperse Each disc is equipped with scrapers at different angles to create the heat transfer surface (molded structure) It includes a self-cleaning function to improve heat and mass transfer and efficiency Using steam or heat transfer oil as the heat source, it is directly passed into the shaft, disc, and barrel jacket, so that the sludge moisture on the contact surface will evaporate due to heating, while the gradient promotes the sludge moisture transfer from the contact surface to the air The sludge surface is released to cause the purpose of drying The maximum daily processing capacity of a single set of dryer is ≤ 150 t(80%)


Technical features

Technical features: After years of development and application, the company has systematically optimized and improved the disc drying process and technology

The applicable range: it can be used for sludge with variable moisture and material state (50-95% moisture content)

Advanced technology: The double-shaft disc technology and technology are recognized as international advanced technology by experts The company has jointly developed the technology with Changzhou University and Tsinghua University Through data simulation, strength calculation, gravitation analysis and other methods, the optimization design application is improved, and the technical performance has reached the international advanced level and differential push streaming technology is a brand new innovation

Disc structure improvement: Jinling company's internally developed design adopts built-in strengthening technology, some of which adopt automatic welding technology. makeing the surface of the disc smoother and less prone to sticking materials, reducing leakage, improved welding performance, strength, welding attraction and decreased deformation 

The double shaft structure has better shearing and crushing performance for sludge, higher efficiency, and smaller disk areaLess wear: In the same sludge treatment volume, because the diameter of the disc is smaller, the linear velocity is small, and the wear is lower

The direct drive technology is adopted to make the equipment operation more stable and reduce the frequency of drive maintenance

Improved steam inlet design: Jinling's unique design structure adopts single-head steam heating to increase the service life of the bearing and increase stability of the thermal expansion design



Single shaft or double shaf

Part no

5 15 20 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 320 420

Heating are

5 15 20 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 320 420

Power of Main machine

4 15 18.5 30 37 45 55 75 90 110 132 132(Single shaft)


Use different materials and configurations according to the characteristics and requirements of different sludges

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