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Wastewater evaporation
Multi-effect Falling Film Evaporator
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The material liquid is fed into the upper part of the heater of the falling film evaporator through the feeding pump, and after being evenly distributed by the film distribution device, it flows down uniformly in a film shape along the inner wall of the heat exchanger tube and shell, the water evaporates quickly, and the vapor and liquid are fully separated by the separation device  After the secondary steam is condensed, the waste heat can enter the back or front to continue heating, and the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber It can also be used in combination with evaporators such as multi-effect, forced circulation, MVR, and curing。



 Suitable for continuous evaporation, concentration and crystallization in industries such as milk, fruit juice, biochemical, pharmaceutical, condiments, food additives, and industrial wastewater。


 The machine has high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature differential, low installation power, large processing capacity, and quick heating time;

◆The evaporation temperature is low, the effect number and evaporation temperature can be selected according to customer requirements;

 The heating evaporator top spraying film cloth device is specific, and the film is evenly formed;

 The condenser has unique structure, large heat transfer coefficient and good effect;

◆Jet heat pump, clearly visible energy saving effects;

◆Two models of automatic control and manual control can be used according to user requirements。


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