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Characteristics of double-layer multi-level multi-effect sludge drying···
DATE:2019-12-18   VISITS:521

    The double-layer multi-level multi-effect sludge drying device is based on the purpose and overall goal of industrial wastewater treatment in my country, and integrates the amount of sludge discharged from the current stage of the sewage treatment station's operating scale. It is based on the basic hollow blade sludge dryer. In the above, a new type of drying device was developed and designed, and the complete set of devices transplanted the mature technology of the hollow blade dryer to dry sludge.

    In addition, the supporting facilities heat pump unit energy acquisition technology, multi-effect evaporation, energy saving and environmental protection, combine the three technologies according to the double-layer structure, and maintain the imported alternative manufacturing of hollow blade dryers. It is a kind of dry material that can solve many problems. Irritable device.

    In addition to the characteristics of a hollow blade dryer, the sludge drying device also has the following characteristics:

    1. Imported substitute manufacturing, transportation, convenient loading and unloading, each device has a large heat conduction area of 600 square meters;

    2. Large mud output, each device can solve 10 tons of silt per hour;

    3. Low-cost operation, multi-effect dryness is selected, only 250kg steam is needed to evaporate one ton of sludge;

    4. No secondary pollution;

    5. No waste gas solution device;

    6. Small area.

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