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Wastewater evaporation
High Concentration And High Salt Wastewater Evaporator
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 Jinling company independently developed and designs a variety of special evaporative solidification devices to suit different concentrations of liquid treatments. High-concentration and high-salt organic wastewater is a kind of wastewater that is extremely difficult to treat due to chemical production, garbage percolation, or reverse osmosis. Its COD is 30000-1000000mg/L, and its salt concentration is 5%-25% (50000ppm-150000ppm). Its ultra-high concentration of organic matter and concentration of Ca2+, Mg2+, Si4+, conventional multi-effect evaporator and MVR process are difficult to run for an extended time due to to fouling and other factors. Even in the liquid incineration system, because of its high salt, it is easy to get blockage of the pipeline and serious corrosion of the machine.


◆ Adapt to the concentration of different materials, reducing the risk of scaling

◆  It saves the process of cooling and crystallization, directly solidifies, and saves energy

◆ The centrifuge separation process is omitted, the operation process is simplified, and labor is saved

◆ No crystallization mother liquor is discharged outside, achieving zero discharge of high-salt wastewater

◆ High evaporation intensity, short evaporation time, wide application range and simple operation

◆ It can be designed as paste and solid discharge according to user requirements, and can be used in combination with low temperature, medium temperature, and multiple evaporation process structures

Technial features

◆ Energy saving-Utilizes the energy recovery of steam, greatly reduces energy consumption and low operating cost

◆ Environment-The whole system is operated in a closed circuit without secondary pollution

◆ Application-Wide application range, suitable for the evaporation and crystallization of a variety of concentrated liquids

◆ Occupying land-The system is easily integrated, with a  compact structure and small floor space

◆ Operation-High degree of system integration, high degree of automation, remote control

◆ Operation-Reduce scaling by adjusting different evaporation temperatures


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