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Jinling Environmental Technology Enters Wondux Held a technical exchan···
DATE:2022-03-16   VISITS:516

Jinling Environmental Technology High-concentration Mother Liquor Low Temperature Evaporation Drying Zero Discharge System Technical Exchange Meeting was successfully held at the Nanjing headquarters of Wondux Environmental Protection (stock code 688178).

Vice President of Wondux Environmental Protection Industry Division, Head of Supply and Management Department of Centralized Procurement Center, staff of Design and Engineering Department, General Manager of Jinling Environmental Technology Cha Xiaofeng and others attended the exchange meeting. For the purpose of technical exchange, this meeting mainly showed the technical characteristics and application cases of the high-concentration mother liquor low-temperature evaporation drying system to the participants, especially the pain points of zero discharge of landfill leachate evaporation mother liquor were analyzed, and our company's solution was proposed. During the exchange, constructive opinions were put forward for the leaders of the meeting on the technical characteristics and design selection and application of different drying equipment.

Nanjing Wondux Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Wondux Ep) was established in 2007, mainly engaged in landfill leachate treatment, landfill ecological restoration and comprehensive utilization, hazardous waste disposal, sludge treatment and disposal, industrial wastewater treatment and near Zero discharge, etc., is a professional service provider for the whole process of environmental governance in the fields of solid waste, water affairs and ecology.


Jinling Environmental Technology has always adhered to technological innovation as the core development driving force of the enterprise, and has advanced technology and equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights.


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