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Jinling Environmental Technology Enters Everbright Environment Technol···
DATE:2022-03-16   VISITS:595

Recently, the Jinling Environmental Technology Oil and Gas Field Drilling Waste Treatment System Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held in Everbright Environment (Changzhou).

Mr. Yang and Mr. Ding of Everbright Environment, Minister Qin of the Process Development Department, Minister Fu of the Technology Management Department and related technicians, President Liu  of Changzhou University and assistants, General Manager Zha Xiaofeng of Jinling Environmental Technology and the heads of the company's departments attended the exchange meeting.


The focus of this meeting was to show our company's core technologies such as drying and pyrolysis to the leaders, and to introduce the key technologies and application cases of the integrated treatment system for drilling waste in oil and gas fields.

General Manager Zha Xiaofeng proposed that in response to the pain points such as the large output of sludge, the complex composition and the large amount of toxic and harmful substances, the traditional process covers a large area, the investment cost is high, the safety performance is poor, and it is prone to secondary pollution. To meet the needs of industry development, Jinling Environmental Technology has been developing sludge drying-pyrolysis treatment technology since 2015, and the technology has been widely used in petrochemical systems. Key equipment and core components have completely independent property rights.

The oily sludge disc drying-pyrolysis integrated treatment technology developed by Jinling Environmental Technology has obvious advantages such as intrinsic safety, high integration, good stability, and recycling of oil products to realize hazardous waste recycling. At present, the system has been successfully applied to More than ten sets.

Liu Xuedong, senior consultant of Jinling Environmental Technology, said that Everbright Environment, as the industry leader, has obvious advantages in technology and talents. He hopes to use this exchange as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and apply Jinling Environmental Technology's drying and pyrolysis technology to more industries and regions.

The leaders of Everbright Environment Technology Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. expressed their appreciation and affirmation of Jinling Environmental Technology's adherence to product independent research and development and practical ability. Next, they will visit and exchange on the Jinling environmental project site.


Jinling Environmental Technology has always adhered to technological innovation as the core development driving force of the enterprise, and has advanced technology and equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights.


The two parties have reached a strategic cooperation. In the future, they will actively explore new models of innovative cooperation, strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two parties, and work together to contribute more to solid waste disposal under the background of national double-carbon emission reduction.

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